Maternal nutrition - breastfeeding

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Maternal nutrition

Maternal nutrition

The mother, who exclusively breastfeeds, has higher nutritional needs than in the previous period of pregnancy.

The additional energy value of breastfeeding is about 500 calories per day.

WATER: add 600-700 ml to 1500 ml of the normal requirement
VIT. group B, VIT.C, VIT.A

The diet of the nursing mother must therefore:
Be varied and rich
Include significant amounts of liquids (water, juices, milk)
Contain olive oil as a fat condiment
Include more frequent consumption of fish (to enrich breast milk with omega-3 fatty acids)
Be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, legumes.


The consumption of spirits should be avoided at all costs. Wine is tolerated in small quantities.
Beer does NOT increase milk production (no galactogogue action of any food has been demonstrated) on the contrary it can give it a bitter taste.
Coffee, tea, cocoa, cola-based drinks in general should be limited: the alkaloids they contain are excreted with breast milk in significant quantities. Decaffeinated or decaffeinated products should be preferred.

Foods that can give an unpleasant taste to milk
Asparagus, garlic, onions, cabbage and some spices.

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