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Introflected nipple

Observing one's own nipple can give rise to the doubt that some mothers have shortened it in order to breastfeed; in most cases the problem does not exist, remembering that the newborn baby attaches to the breast and not to the nipple.
With a normal attachment to the breast, the newborn baby, by opening his mouth wide and taking part of the areola, causes the protrusion of the nipple during sucking.
If the nipple remains flat or is introverted, you can do these simple things:

1. manually stretch the nipple (Hoffman exercises)
2. evert the nipple with a syringe.

1. Hoffman's exercises:
consist of manual stretching of the nipple, ie:
you put your thumbs opposite each other at the limits of the areola and stretch towards the periphery
grasp the nipple between thumb and forefinger and rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise to allow the nipple to protrude better.
2. Syringe method:
Everting the nipple by creating negative pressure, using a 10 ml. syringe upside down.
The syringe:
1 the plunger is removed;
2 the neck is cut (end "A");
3 the plunger is inserted into the "A" end of the syringe;
The "B" end is placed on the areola, positioning the nipple within the lumen; vacuum is applied with a gentle maneuver, the nipple is everted.

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