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exclusive breastfeeding

At the beginning, the udder produces colostrum, a yellowish liquid rich in antibodies; towards the third day, the milk flow will arrive, breasts will be tense, turgid, warmer than the rest of the body, possible also discomfort or pain.
Breast milk contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, calcium, vitamins, minerals and water in optimal proportions as well as antibodies that will protect the newborn from infections.

Breast milk is a complete food until 6 months of age.

With exclusive breastfeeding, nothing should be added, not even water. To encourage exclusive breastfeeding, the mother must be informed and motivated. In the first few days, it is normal to have small problems related to breastfeeding or during the milk supply.

A balance must be reached and maintained between milk production and the infant's demand.
It is important that from birth the baby stays with the mother to eliminate predefined times, must not take water or glucose solution (unless medically indicated), no pacifier; in practice, eliminate all factors that hinder the achievement and maintenance of a balance in milk production.
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