Candidiasis - breastfeeding

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Candidiasis (Candida Albicans) thrush

The nipple and mammary areola are inflamed and take on a characteristic salmon-pink color.
The mother experiences stinging pain while breastfeeding and also between feedings, and several days may pass before the nipple pain disappears.
The infant may show signs of oral or anal candidiasis (thrush).

You need to think about Candidiasis if:
the mother has been previously treated with antibiotics (for Caesarean section etc. mastitis);
in case of previous rhagades;
use of nipple shields, pacifiers, artificial teats;
previous Candida vaginitis;

Both mother and baby should receive pediatrician-recommended fungicide treatment for at least two weeks (even after symptoms disappear).

Do not freeze or store any drained milk.
It is necessary to sterilize all teats, pacifiers, etc.
It is preferable not to use breast pads.

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