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Baby bath

Bath time is a very nice moment of the day that allows the newborn to relax.
It is advisable to bathe in the evening, in this way the newborn baby will relax a lot and perhaps sleep longer during the night, it is however the mother who chooses the most suitable moment (always before the meal).
Use a soap that is suitable for the baby's skin.
The temperature of the water should be around 37°, the temperature of the room 20-22°.
Until the cord falls off, it is best not to prolong the duration of the bath too much.
The newborn baby should be supported with one hand under the armpit and the head resting on the forearm of the person giving the bath.
It is good to remember that the head must always be supported during the various maneuvers until the third month.
Dry the baby with a soft towel, trying to dab and not rub the skin of the newborn.
The nails of the newborn in the first weeks are still very fragile and break by themselves, when they are well defined they can be cut with scissors with rounded tips.

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